Graphics Supervisor/Graphic Designer: Jen Hiatt
Lead Graphic Designer: Bret Thomas
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator: Cindy Light
Videographer/Producer: Isaac Watson
Web Support: Natalie Bednarz
Client: City of Orlando Office of Communications & Neighborhood Relations
Awards: 2015 NUSA Winner

iLead_1iLead is a comprehensive program that provides YOU with the tools to inform, connect and involve your neighbors through a series of guides, videos, webinars and workshops. These tools cover topics such as how to effectively hold meetings, how to utilize a variety of communication tools and how to engage the next generation of leaders.

Goals: The Neighborhood Relations team uses various training tools to help Orlando citizens develop neighborhood leadership and create successful neighborhood organizations. Historically, all of these traditional training methods have been successful and well attended. However, as the demographics of the City’s civic leaders change, the Neighborhood Relations team is challenged with identifying new and creative ways of engaging the next generation of technological citizens.

The Neighborhood Relations team enlisted the support of my Graphics team as well as the Multimedia and Interactive Programs teams to meet this challenge. We utilized social media and other online systems to enhance distribution of iLead materials to citizens with digital communication skills. The result is a comprehensive neighborhood training program that informs, connects and involves neighbors through a series of interactive guides, videos, webinars and workshops. These materials support the goal of iLead in providing convenient and accessible leadership and association management training to neighborhood leaders and volunteers.

Graphics: My team managed the iLead brand from the beginning, from the logo creation by Bret to the guides’ layout to website asset design. In total, the team has produced over 50 different collateral pieces, including direct mailings that use personalization data from the Neighborhoods Outreach database. Our plan is ongoing as we work with the Neighborhoods Relation team to be responsive to the continually changing needs of Orlando citizens.

During this campaign, I have directed the Graphics team to experiment with online and digital publishing. Taking the lead on this initiative, I have developed iLead materials that consist of downloadable guides in different formats, including a PDF version, an .epub version for Ipads/Android devices and a .mobi version for Kindle devices. Together, our team has been intentional in making sure these guides are easy to access and view on different web-based platforms.

Video: iLead training also includes a series of videos. The iLead videos provide two-minute segments of tips and best practices and serve as a quick preview for the iLead comprehensive guides. These teaser videos encourage viewers to download the guide related to the topic they just watched. While these videos were being developed, graphics team members remained in contact with videographers in order to maintain brand consistency.

Achievement: iLead has made an impact in the neighborhood leadership of Orlando. Pre and post surveys of neighborhood leadership have shown that iLead is a helpful tool and has changed the way our leaders get engaged. Leaders comment on the helpfulness of the various formats, evergreen topics and 24/7 availability.

Since iLead was introduced, citizens have viewed and downloaded more than 200 guides, viewed 13 videos more than 500 times, and participated in webinars more than 40 times. More than 300 individuals attended our annual Summit and more than 100 individuals attended Community Connections Workshops.