Art Director/Graphic Designer: Jen Hiatt
Client: Green Works Orlando

Goals: In 2012, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer appointed a 20-member task force to make recommendations for a Community Action Plan to make Orlando one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in the Southeast. The results of the task force were documented in the inaugural Greenworks Community Action Plan. In this plan, Orlando set a goal for government operations to be fully sustainable by 2040 by receiving all energy from renewable sources, utilizing sustainable amounts of water, eliminating waste to landfills and purchasing green products.

Since the publication of the Action Plan, the City has led by example to promote environmental stewardship, educate people about “environmentally conscious lifestyles” and encourage others to incorporate a concern for the environment into the everyday workings of government and private business. In 2015, Mayor Dyer proclaimed Orlando to be the “Greenest City in the Southeast,” thanks to Green Works Orlando efforts in seven focus areas: Energy and Green Buildings, Local Food Systems, Green Economy, Livability, Solid Waste, Transportation and Water.

Graphics: Following the award-winning design of the Community Action Plan by Bret Thomas, all of Green Works Orlando marketing material is branded for consistency. Under my direction, over 50 additional, different collateral pieces have been created by the Graphics team in conjunction with Green Works Orlando. These pieces cover topics including energy, recycling, composting, commercial food waste, commercial recycling and community gardens. In addition to hosting community events, the Green Works team also distributes one-pagers and how-to handbooks on recycling and composting to encourage residents to sign up, all of which have been produced by my Graphics team in house. Other marketing collateral I personally created for this initiative include infographics, web graphics for and hybrid/CNG garbage truck decals promoting the City’s use of these technologies.

I am continually developing the Green Works brand and looking for new and exciting ways to promote these initiatives. Recently, we launched a “Get Dirty” campaign to encourage residents to sign up for backyard composters. This Fall, we will be launching a One Person, One Tree campaign to increase Orlando’s urban canopy by giving away free trees to residents.