Graphics Supervisor/Graphic Designer: Jen Hiatt
Downtown Orlando Marketing Coordinator: Kelly Allen
Client: City of Orlando Downtown Development Board
Awards: 2015 Silver Circle Award (Graphic Design – Publication), 3CMA

Goals: The mission of the City of Orlando Downtown Development Board (DDB) is to strengthen the role of Downtown Orlando as the economic, governmental and cultural center of Central Florida. The DDB is responsible for the planning, implementation and administration of the City’s core area redevelopment and development program. Working toward these goals, I collaborated with DDB to initiate the campaign. The graphical focus of this initiative was an award-winning booklet distributed in various contexts.  

Audience: The collateral piece is used to promote Downtown Orlando to potential residential, retail and commercial developers. It showcases a reborn and revitalized Downtown Orlando and positions Downtown as a relaxed, innovative and progressive place to live, work and play. It is used by the DBB when attending conferences and meeting with potential major developers in Downtown Orlando.

Content and Artwork: As I created this piece from conception to design to print, I considered DDB’s broad and specific goals. Through the use of colorful infographics that resonate with theme of the initiative, this collateral piece examines Downtown Orlando’s residential, office market and investment statistics. It spotlights Downtown’s various transportation and hospitality options, while also offering a regional view. I update the guide quarterly to keep the guide up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of Downtown Orlando. It is designed to be informative and engaging – with its eye-catching layout and infographics, it provides a fresh (and playful) way to examine economic statistics.  

This guide was first published in Spring 2014. It is printed on Aspire Petallics White Text and Cover paper, adding a little flair to the piece. 250 copies are ordered each quarter and are distributed at various presentations and conferences, including the Economic Development Commission and International Conference of Shopping Centers. In addition to being a resource for potential Downtown developers, it is also used by the Mayor’s Office for promoting and marketing Downtown to existing stakeholders.