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One of the last projects I spearheaded at the City of Orlando was environmental signage at the recently rebranded Loch Haven Cultural Park. The park covers 45 acres and serves as the region’s premier cultural park. The City was awarded a grant that would cover signage printing and installation costs for the initial branding of the park.

I worked with the 8 entities of the park (Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Orlando Science Center, Orlando Repertory Theatre, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Fire Museum, Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando Garden Club, Orlando Ballet) to establish a style and color palette that would satisfy the City’s brand requirements, while letting each individual organization showcase its own identity. No small feat, but I was able to create a template that will be used for all banners at the park going forward.

Each organization provided the photos they wanted to display – no two banners were the same! The result was a diverse collection of interesting images/banners that are placed on the street light poles surrounding the park. The banners, printed in May, were installed this week. My former colleagues were nice enough to share photos, and they look great!