One of our departmental goals for 2016 was to become more involved in the local design community and to foster relationships that could inspire and empower our local community to use their skills and talents to make a greater impact.

Coincidentally, the AIGA Orlando Chapter reached out to the City and asked if I could be their guest speaker for the January Community Meeting.

The topic?

How the City is using digital strategies to create change within City Hall—to be less government and more conversational. A few of the highlights Natalie (the City’s Web Developer) and I touched on:

  • User-centered web design and how Communications is creating a Digital Front Door for citizens of the City.
  • A residents-first approach with a unified brand to represent the City, instead of individual program and events brands
  • A web strategy that places importance on content that reads well on mobile devices and caters to a mobile-first demographic
  • The City’s goal to be more transparent and promote resident engagement online

When putting together the presentation, I really got to take a look at all that we have accomplished and how the culture of our office has changed this year. Looking forward, I can’t wait to see how we continue to create, innovate and take our digital communications to the next level.