Graphics Supervisor/Graphic Designer: Jen Hiatt
Client: Green Works Orlando

Recently during an AIGA workshop, I was reminded that as designers, it’s important to have passion projects. And one of the topics I get excited about is sustainability – I live and breathe recycling and repurposing in my personal life, and love when (as a City) we get to promote sustainability initiatives for residents.

So I was excited when we got to start planning the Inaugural Walk for Trees event marketing that will kick off Earth Month this April. IDEAS For Us, a local 501c3 nonprofit, is hosting a “Walk For 1,000 Trees” event at Lake Baldwin in partnership with the City and Green Works. The purpose of the event is to raise enough money to give away 1,000 free trees as part of the One Person, One Tree initiative.

The initial idea was to use 1,000 trees in the illustration, as a visual representation of the ultimate fundraising goal. I ended up with about half of that on the poster, but as a team we still felt that the overall impact of the many trees, coupled with a footprint, was visually interesting and equally meaningful. We all have a significant carbon footprint, but by participating in sustainable programs (such as One Person, One Tree), every individual can make an impact and help reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Marketing of the event includes website graphics, social media, e-newsletters and printed posters, distributed through our community partner channels.